Firstly our observation of Dad’s leftovers:

  • 95% of the tuna salad still left (hmmm… is Dad cheating by buying secret snacks?!),
  • half of the mixed nuts munched,
  • and no carrots or crackers left (good!)

Dad’s verdict:

“Too much pasta and not enough sauce”

Our thoughts: Ok, maybe we overdid it on the pasta – measuring dry pasta is tricky since it expands when cooked! (Like rice). But, sauce? It’s a salad!! There’s not meant to be a sauce or lots of dressing, as it’s low fat. You’re on our diet Dad – no sugary chutney or shop-bought gooey sauce. Maybe we could have used olive oil to add a little more flavour and texture, but it turned out we had none (mum had put vegetable oil in the pouring bottle which tricked us when making our shopping list!!).

Today not much cooking took place. Well, it did, but unfortunately it ended up thrown in the bin. Terrible attempt at couscous salad – what we learnt:

  1. We need to buy olive oil.
  2. We need to use a recipe for couscous salad.

Instead we opted for a homemade egg mayonnaise salad sandwich on ‘Best of Both’ bread. The mayonnaise was low fat, the eggs count as protein and we added lettuce for extra goodness.

Easy snacks to make for Dad were: chopped green and red peppers, sliced cucumber, a handful of mixed nuts with a teaspoon of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and three oatcakes.