It’s the weekend! So no cooking tonight for Dad! Which is good for us as the fridge door fell off today…. Duct tape is currently being used to replace the door hinges. Strangely it’s actually working….

Dad’s verdict on today’s homemade egg mayonnaise salad sandwich and healthy snacks ??

Well here’s what he had to say:

“Very yummy, I liked the sandwich but something was soggy… I can’t remember what though….”

Great feedback, Dad. We’re guessing maybe the bread got a little soggy as we put freshly washed (and hastily air-whipped dry) lettuce as an extra filling. Oh well. Now we know for next time! Nothing mentioned about the peppers and cucumber – perhaps we should take that to mean they got gobbled up and there are no complaints to be reported back 🙂

Mum makes amazing soup on weekends so we’ll be sure to post a photo and recipe!

Happy Two Days Rest!!