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For inspiration we visited the BBC Good Food website. They have an excellent healthy section, and offer suggestions for the lunchbox (more for adults as opposed to kids school lunch ideas!). Looking at the ingredients we just purchased we opted for Tuna and Green Bean Salad – our variation on Good Food’s ‘Two Bean, Potato and Tuna Salad’. We swapped potatoes for pasta, and skipped the soya beans for extra salad (we ¬†couldn’t find any in Aldi!). We also added parsley, and left the harissa and red wine vinegar (again we didn’t have them!). After taste testing, it was still great regardless of the absent ingredients!

The next thing we made was a simple healthy dessert. Plain natural low fat yoghurt and a handful of grapes, with a drizzle of honey on top. Another miniature snack box was filled with 20g (handful) of unsalted mixed nuts and raisins. Nuts are very fatty naturally so it’s recommended you only eat about 20g a day! Finally we cut up some carrot sticks, added some of Nairn’s oatcakes (1 packet = 3 oatcakes), two wafer crackers and about a tablespoon of low fat cream cheese spread for a dip (we bought a really handy snack box that has a separate dip compartment inside).

We’ll get Dad’s verdict on the taste tomorrow!



Just a quick look at what we bought today to stock up for Dad’s lunches in the next few days. Aldi was the supermarket of choice – 39p vegetables an offer we couldn’t refuse!

With ten pounds as the budget here’s what we got:

We only spent £8.56! (Minus the cucumber РDad brought that back from work)

We decided to leave the new potatoes behind and instead use up some of the dry pasta in the cupboard. Now to create Dad’s lunch for tomorrow – recipe to follow!